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Richard Bong State Recreation Area

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Get your adrenaline pumping at this state recreation area! You can go biking, cross-country skiing or hiking on almost 30 miles of trails. There are also horseback and snowmobile trails available for all skill levels. This park is home to the only ATV trail in Southeast Wisconsin consisting of three connected loops. The naturalist activities include year round volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, hunting areas as well as a nature center and beach where you can enjoy boating fishing & swimming during warmer months while ice skating during winter time when it snows here too!

ATVs and motorcycles have nearly 6.5 miles of trails to explore at this property, but you should always call before coming over! It's the message that changes daily and on a day-to-day basis they may be closed for different reasons like weather or trail conditions.

Who can resist a secluded, winding ATV trail through the wilderness? This 8-mile offroad motorcycle path is perfect for those who like to explore. Along the way you'll enjoy beautiful views of nature and wildlife while being amazed at how well maintained this area is!

Loops 1 and 2 on the property open at 9 am, close after sunset most of the year. During fall pheasant hunting season, which lasts from mid-October to early January depending on weather conditions (wetness included), loops 1 and 2 will be open for ATVs/OHMs starting at 2 pm with an end time also dependent upon wet weather in order to allow hunters ample opportunity to shoot their targets before darkness falls across this increasingly popular outdoor activity that's not only fun but a fantastic way for newbies or even experts alike who want more experience than just what they can find online without ever leaving home.

Sally on ATV at Richard Bong State Park

The off-road biking trails are a great way to explore the beautiful scenery north of Highway 142.

You can take your bike, dog or even just a hike on these northern trails. Dogs are allowed as long as they're under 8 feet in length and you have the proper passes for biking if over 16 years of age. Skiing is also available with groomed ski tracks but don't walk through them when it snows!

The Gray Trail is a relatively flat trail, with no steep grades and meanders back to the parking lot after passing through an area of mixed vegetation. The path crosses Highway 142 before making its way towards a beautiful pond on the west side. After exploring further into this lush scenery, you'll find yourself in semi-wooded surroundings where it curves round again until returning to that initial section leading back from whence we came!

The Yellow Trail is a beautiful and scenic trail that winds through woodland, grassland, wetlands. The terrain ranges from flat to moderately rolling with plenty of wildlife along the way for birding enthusiasts. At each end there's access via stairs or a paved road which was built as an entrance drive to Bong Air Force Base before it never came into existence after World War II concluded in 1945.

The Orange Trail is a great choice for hikers looking to see the migratory birds that stop in this hardwood forest. With benches overlooking wetlands, grassland, and wooded areas along with shaded rest stops at the first bridge crossing or pit toilet/hand pump combo near its northern end, The Orange Trial offers an immersive experience of diverse habitats while still managing to provide scenic views from elevated vantage points such as hillsides intersecting Highway BB twice.

The Red Trail is the longest and most challenging trail in this national park. It begins at the beautiful wetland area, which is one of my favorite parts to explore when I come here for an afternoon hike. The topography starts out really nice; it's a good spot if you want some time away from civilization while still being able to see all sorts of wildlife like deer or bluebirds! After about 3 miles into your journey on this trail, there's another junction where you can take off onto either Orange Loop hiking trails (4-mile round trip) or Bluebird Vista Nature Area with great views through trees overlooking wetlands below - that ia definitely worth checking out as well!

Richard Bong Bike TrailsThings To Do In Kenosha - Richard Bong State Park Bike TrailsThings To Do In Kenosha Wisconsin - Richard Bong State Park Bike Trails
The Devil's Lake State Park in Kenosha County is a beautiful 4,515-acre recreational area that features 217 campsites, nature center with lookout tower and birding station. There are also 6.5 miles of looped ATV/Dirt Bike trails on gently rolling terrain for beginners as well as the experienced rider! A handicap accessible cabin can be reserved through advance reservation so you're sure to have a comfortable stay while enjoying all this park has to offer! Picnic shelters and toilet facilities make it easy for everyone who visits to enjoy themselves during their visit no matter what they're into - camping or biking; hiking or fishing - there really is something here for anyone looking to experience Wisconsin at its best!
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